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Dana Carvey: Master Impressionist

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Master impressionist, Dana Carvey, has launched his very own podcast called Fantastic. Most people may remember Carvey as an SNL cast member that also included Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks, Kevin Nealon and Dennis Miller. He joined the cast in 1986 and stayed on until 1993. His body of work on SNL is legendary with killer impressions of George H. W. Bush and Ross Perot and original characters like the Church Lady, Garth Algar (Wayne’s World), Hans (Hans & Franz) and Grumpy Old Man (Weekend update segment.) His seemingly freestyle routines may mislead aspiring comedians into believing its so effortless for him. I think he could be one of those rare comedians where that might actually be true. Post SNL Carvey seemed to dabble in movies, potential Letterman replacement on late night talk show and stand up comedy.

He recently appeared on Stephen Colbert to promote his new podcast. During this interview Carvey riffs on new characters like his no-nonsense movie gangster version of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden.

In a recent interview about this podcast, he talks about having total creative freedom to do whatever he wants. “This is the only way I could have ever done this podcast,” Dana Carvey told Vulture. If his podcast is anything like his talk show appearances, this is gonna be fun.

Dana Carvey’s Fantastic podcast has been described as a crazy, fun, mixed-bag collection of bits, riffs, and conversations in this week’s first installment. He’s got a co-host, Chris Rios, who has never been on mic before (she’s the woman who cuts his hair). He calls Larry “Bubbles” Brown, a comic from San Francisco who has been his opener for years, to talk about one-liners. And he talks to his younger sister, Lori, about some vacation adventures of growing up Carvey.

But the bulk of the show is Carvey doing what he does best: freewheeling characters and impressions to express his take on everything from COVID-19 (in an argument between Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump) to blue-collar comedy as he tries on a new persona as Red Rednecky, the Redneck Comedian. It’s still a bit rough, with stray music and wild sound cues as his son Dex gets a handle on his role as executive producer. It’s all beautifully madcap as Carvey and his crew find their way, and I can’t wait to hear where he ends up next episode.

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