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Funniest SNL Bloopers

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One of the great things about SNL is that its LIVE. Anything can happen. Nothing is funnier when something goes wrong and the actors are desperately trying not to break character. Check out some of the funniest SNL on-air bloopers. Enjoy.

In “Inside the Beltway,” when Aidy Bryant’s wardrobe person accidentally walked on in the middle of the sketch and no one could keep it together.

In “Super Showcase Spokesmodels,” when Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig couldn’t stop laughing while announcing game show prizes.

In “Close Encounter,” when Kate McKinnon had a verrrrry different type of alien abduction than Ryan Gosling, and he absolutely lost it.

In “Debbie Downer,” when no one could keep it together and Horatio Sanz literally had to wipe away his gleeful tears with a Mickey Mouse pancake.

In “Corksoakers,” when Janet Jackson tried soooooo hard to not say what was really on her mind and no one could keep a straight face.

In “Dr. Beaman’s Office: Test Results,” when Tim Meadows unexpectedly came onstage, which made it verrrry hard for Will Ferrell to deliver some bad news with a straight face.

In “Smokery Farms,” when the raw meat smell made Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant go wild.

In “Escorts,” when Emily Blunt literally hid under a lampshade because she couldn’t say her “oopsie-doopsie” catchphrase without breaking.

In “Cast List,” when Will Ferrell played an overbearing drama teacher and all of the students lost it.

In “Diner Lobster,” when Pete Davidson kept breaking during John Mulaney’s Les Mis parody.

In “Girlfriends Game Night,” when Cecily Strong was publicly trying to conceive with her muchhhh older boyfriend ]( and all hell broke loose.

In “Gift Wrap,” when there was an accident with the fake blood squirter and a whole bunch of it got in Leslie Jones' mouth.

In “The Love-ahs with Barbara and Dave,” when Jimmy Fallon couldn’t get through his lines while he was stuck in a hot tub with Drew Barrymore.

In “Brothers,” when Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong were very confused about what was happening and their faces showed it.

In “New Wife,” when Larry David had a minute-long laughing fit and couldn’t get through any of his lines without breaking.

And, of course, literally any time Bill Hader played Stefon and couldn’t keep it together.

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