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Quarantine Cooking With Comedians

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Comedians Amy Schumer and Mindy Kaling are using the coronavirus stay-at-home and/or quarantine time to bring and share their unique perspectives to their very own online cooking videos.

Amy Schumer has partnered with The Food Network to host with her husband, Chris Fischer, a cooking show during this isolation. The series will follow Schumer and Fischer, a professional chef, as they prepare meals in their real kitchen for “Amy Schumer Learns To Cook” while Schumer makes cocktails.

While speaking with Howard Stern about when the Food Network approached them, the first thing she told them was, “I don’t know how to cook.” Eventually, they reached a deal with the network donating $50k to multiple food banks. “Amy Schumer Learns To Cook” will premiere on Monday, May 11, at 10 p.m ET.

Mindy Kaling recently made masala dosa, popular fermented rice and lentil fried pancake stuffed with potatoes, with Senator Kamala Harris. They discovered similar experiences growing up Indian. They talked about family traditions, vegetarianism, stereotypes, chopping skills and recycling habits.

Interestingly, neither have publicly talked about their race and culture. They seemed to acknowledge their commonality when Kaling alluded in this video, “You are Indian, and I don’t know that everybody knows that,” Harris smiled. It was a significant moment of identity framing for both women.