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US Comedian Covid-19 Rant Goes Viral

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Vic DiBitetto believes his Covid-19 rant about the US government’s response was seen over 10M times. His near five-minute rant about the government’s response to the coronavirus shows DiBitetto spewing spit as he rants in his car because he didn’t want to upset his wife. “This was totally unexpected,” says DiBitetto about the virality of his video, but, he adds: “Obviously I struck a nerve.”

DiBitetto is a Brooklyn-based comedian and he knows he has a propensity to curse and spit when he is angry. Working comedians like him have had to cancel their shows due to the Covid-19 pandemic and, with no money coming in, he has had to rely on his wife to pay the bills.

“We understand we have to [stay home] – quarantine, safe distance – saves lives. But I am not working, I have no income coming in. [They are offering] $1,200 – what does that do? There’s gotta be a better plan for this,” he says. The American working class are hurting right now. He said one woman contacted him from her death bed, to say the video hit the nail on the head. Others, he says, think he should run for president.