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Bloomberg Campaign Strategy to Use Humor to Needle Trump

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Real Time with Bill Maher Valentine’s Day episode featured an interesting bit of political comedy news to excite comedy nerds in this current 2020 Presidential contest.

The Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary has managed to winnow down the number of Presidential candidates that is still in the game for the 2020 Democratic primary race. While other candidates have left the race, Mike Bloomberg looms large as the latest player, who is putting his money where is mouth is. Bloomberg is investing millions in TV and digital ads to shape his Presidential candidacy pitch to American voters, and at the same time, needle President Trump who spends a considerable amount of this “Presidential time” watching cable news.

Katie Couric joined Bill Maher’s weekly political roundtable and broke news by discussing the ongoing feud between Trump and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. In her reporting of Trump and Bloomberg’s tweet tiff this past week, she said “He said, we’re both from New York, we know the same people, behind your back people are calling you a — what did they say? — a carnival barking clown who inherited a ton of money but through stupid deals and incompetence lost it all, or something like that,” she said with a laugh. But the most intriguing news she shared was right after when she described one component of Bloomberg’s campaign strategy was its focus on how to exploit this adversarial dynamic between Trump and Bloomberg.

Couric said, “I talked to somebody from the Bloomberg campaign, they said they’re hiring an expert on narcissism and combining that — no, this is for real — and combining that person with a comedy writer to get in Donald Trump’s head,” Couric reported. “When they go low, we go lower,” Couric joked. “Isn’t this a great country!”

Check it out:

At this point we all know is that if there is anyone hates being laughed at its President Donald Trump especially if he’s the butt of the joke. That’s why its so bizarre he agreed to be a subject of Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump a few years before he became President. Check out the highlight clip from the event.

Despite Trump agreeing to getting roasted in the past, it seems like he’s become thin skinned snowflake lately as he’s avoided the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner as President. That’s what makes this Washington Post column so interesting and potential blueprint the Bloomberg campaign tried to use. Maybe Bloomberg will pass this strategic tactic to Biden or Sanders as both are still running for POTUS in 2020. Stay tuned.