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If You Hate Bill Cosby. . Does That Mean You Also Hate Cliff Huxtable?

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Will Bill Cosby fans help him make it rain while he is in jail? That’s an interesting moral question for Cosby fans.

Bewildered Cosby fans finally heard from Bill Cosby after his conviction last year for sexual assault. In his first telephone interview behind bars with the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s, the once beloved comedian said: “I have eight years and nine months left [in prison]. When I come up for parole, they’re not going to hear me say that I have remorse. I was there. I don’t care what group of people come along and talk about this when they weren’t there. They don’t know.” Here you can listen to his BlackPressUSA interview here.

With that context…Cosby fans will have to ask themselves if they can separate the artist from the man. Independent television studio, Carsey-Warner, plans to shop around its vast library of classic sitcoms to streaming services as they scoop up modern classics by doling out big money. Recently, WarnerMedia has reportedly paid $425 million for the rights to Friends and NBCUniversal ponied up $500 million for The Office. Both shows will move to their new streaming homes, Warner’s HBO Max and NBCU’s Peacock, respectively, next year.

If these streaming services move forward then Cosby fans will have to grapple with this dilemma. The struggle is real…check out Jerry Seinfeld sort through this for himself.

In interviews with Deadline and the Los Angeles Times last week, Carsey-Werner’s president of distribution Jim Kraus the studio will put out feelers to gauge appetite for ‘The Cosby Show’, ‘A Different World’, ‘That '70s Show’ and ‘Roseanne’, who also has fallen from grace and kicked off her rebooted self-titled show on ABC after a series of nasty tweets.

These streaming services will have to do a cost benefit analysis to guide their decision making to acquire any Cosby affiliated content. If they move forward with Cosby then he’ll be able to make it rain while in jail because he’ll likely collect his percentage of the rights fees to residuals for his acting work. First up for Carsey-Warner to pitch to streamers will be ‘A Different World’, a spin-off of The Cosby Show. All six seasons of A Different World are currently part of Amazon’s Prime Video catalog but the rights are up for renewal in 2020. Meanwhile, there is no word on what might happen with the rights to The Cosby Show, all eight seasons of which are also on Prime Video.

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