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Biggest Comedy Stars Bump Into Each Other in Atlanta

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What if you were lucky enough to get a tour of Tyler Perry’s new studio lot in Atlanta? And, as you walk around you see this?

This year Tyler Perry celebrated the grand opening of his newest studio location in Atlanta. He is the first African-American to outright own a major film production studio. It’s here where production is underway for Coming To America 2 & Bad Boys 3.

Four stars filming two different movies bumped into each other and took some pictures. Their collective Box Office earnings has exceeded $15 billion, according to The Numbers.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith reunite and pick up their next adventure after a 17 year hiatus from last caper. Bad Boys For Life will be hitting the US theaters in January 2020. Check out the trailer.

Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes recently worked together in Netflix’s Dolemite biopic and are currently filming Coming to America 2, which is expected to be released next summer.