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'Late Night' Host Seth Meyers Quickly Staffed Up After Trump's Election

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The election of Donald Trump caught nearly everyone by surprise including the media and entertainment industry. For example, over at NBC’s “Late Night” Seth Meyers team scrambled to hire a bunch of news researchers to support ‘A Closer Look’, a longform segment that provides context and jokes about the non-stop breaking news that is bombarding national and international audiences. CNN Jake Tapper interviewed Meyers at its “Citizens By CNN” event recently.

Seth’s debuts each ‘A Closer Look’ segment on his show and later posts them on YouTube which has climbed over 11 million views online. These segments have allowed Seth to distinguish himself from the other late night talkers. These news recaps makes me feel smarter because the most critical details are highlighted in these segments.

Meyers, who has had a long history of mocking Trump, going back to the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, said that the Trump presidency didn’t just change late night TV. Check out the killer jokes that many say motivated Trump to run for president.

Meyers has been hosting NBC late show since 2014. For comedy fans will be able to see Meyers return to his comedy roots in an upcoming Netflix stand up comedy special.